Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How to connect with your Angels

Angel lovers!

Here is one way to connect with your angels. There are many ways to do it and it is nice if you can find the best way that works for you. You can be creative!

Take a deep breath and relax. And close your eyes and ask your angel to come to you. Ask her/his name silently and you will receive the name. Usually the first name that come to your mind is the one. Please don't try to think about the name. Just relax and allow the name to come to you. If you don't get a name, it is Ok, too. Just call your angel whatever name you feel like calling and it will be perfect.

Ask your angel to be above your head. Forcus on your heart and decide to open your heart. When you feel grateful for something, your heart will be open nanturally. So think about something that you are grateful for.

Remember that you are love. And feel Love in your heart. Then from your heart to your angel's heart, send a beam of golden light and connect your heart with her heart. When you feel connected, send your love to your angel's heart upward. Continue sending for a few minutes.

Next it is your turn to receive love from your angel. Be open to receive. Feel the love coming from your angel. Allow the love to flow into your heart and to your whole body. You deserve to receive love. You are so loved.

When you feel connected with your angel in your heart, you can ask your angel a question or ask for some guidance for you. Be open and allow the message come to you rather than you think about what messages you are getting. You may feel some feelings in your heart, or you may see a vision, or you may hear some words. All is perfect. Their communication sometimes comes in different forms, feeling, or some energy. You just know what they are trying to communicate.

As you practice more and more, it gets easier and easier. You can do this daily to fully connect with your angels and communicate with them.

When you feel that it is done, you can thank your angel and let go of the connection.

Even though you may not see them or hear them, they are always with you and ready to support you when you ask for help.

Please remember that you are so loved!!

Angel blessings to you~!

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